Nutritional Consults

Have you always struggled to meet your health goals?  Or perhaps you’re experiencing some health challenges that need a fresh perspective?

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Why Amy Sheflin, FoodPhD? She carefully listens to your needs and goals, then combines genetic and nutritional testing with the latest in scientific research to create a customized nutritional plan specific to YOU. Call (970) 233-3247 or schedule an appointment.

In-person appointments

In-person appointments are available on an appointment-only basis in FoodPhD’s Fort Collins, Colorado office or at your home (if you prefer). In-home appointments are provided at no additional cost as long as you live within 30 miles of the FoodPhD office location. Food intake and health measurements can be tracked online at a free website called “Healthie” or in a written food diary based upon your preference.

Online appointments

Your privacy is protected via a HIPPA-compliant video-chat system called “Healthie”. The “Healthie” site also provides a no-cost way for you to track and share food intake and health measurements. Keeping your information up-to-date online makes tracking and updating goals at your next appointment effortless and easy.

Initial consults

Our first appointment will be a chance for me to get as much information about your current lifestyle, goals for change, and health history as possible. Ideally this session will last about an hour, with follow-up sessions being shorter, usually around 30 minutes. Be ready to take away a list of “homework” assignments that will focus efforts on forming healthy habits at a pace that is set by you. How often we meet is also up to you, but every 2-4 weeks is typical. We will track your goals together in small steps that naturally bring you to a place of optimal health.

Personalized approach backed by scientific research

Before each session, Amy reviews your food journals, health metrics, and test results in light of the most recent and relevant scientific research. She combines all of this information into a personalized action plan that supports and supercharges progress on your health goals. After your scheduled consultation, you will continue to receive follow-up emails, quick-easy recipes and helpful hints to fine-tune your personalized plan.

Becoming a client

If you prefer to meet Amy prior to deciding if her nutritional approach is right for you, please schedule a 15 minute online or in-person complimentary consult. Complementary consults are available online or at the FoodPhD Fort Collins office location. At this consultation you are encouraged to ask questions regarding your health goals and to find out more about Amy’s holistic approach to creating your personalized nutrition plan.

Please download and print the online forms and fill these out prior to your initial consult. Emailing them to Amy prior to your first appointment will allow her to provide the highest level of service.

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