Meet Amy Sheflin, PhD NBC-HWC

Welcome! My name is Amy Sheflin and I am delighted to serve as your personal FoodPhD. I decided to become a nutrition scientist after feeling confused by all the conflicting diet advice given by various experts. Determined to learn what it takes to separate nutritional fact from fiction, I headed back to the university to learn and conduct research myself. My passion now is to share this nutritional truth with all of you who want to find your ultimate nutritional truth! My personal style is to break the information down and answer your questions in a way that keeps food as simple and joyful as possible. My nutrition practice is a ‘No Fad Zone’. Working with me, you will only receive information and techniques supported by sound science.

I earned my Ph.D. from Colorado State University in 2016. During my nutrition dissertation research, I examined how adding high-fiber plant foods to the diet might improve gut health and reduce colon cancer risk. I also received training in bioactive components of foods, probiotics, fermented foods and nutrigenomics as part of my training at CSU. My foundational training in science is in ecology, so I naturally see my clients as part of a bigger system and food as just one part of maximizing health of your whole person. Genetics, diet, exercise, stress-management, environment, personal fulfillment and more all combine to create your total health picture. That’s why my practice takes a holistic approach to food and overall health. Knowing what you should do is often the easy part, though, it’s the behavior change that can be the hard part. That’s why I received training from Duke University in Integrative Health Coaching (2019) and and board certification from the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (2021) to add behavior change to my professional skill set.

I provide in-person and online nutritional consults as well as personalized meal planning services (complete with grocery lists) to make healthy eating as easy as possible. Consultations on using results from genetic tests, such as 23andme, to create personalized nutritional plans is another focus of my practice. I always want clients to remember that these tests do not serve as health diagnoses and should be viewed as tools to plan a lifestyle that maximizes your odds for the longest healthspan possible. I can help you create a personalized plan that considers where you’re at with food today and incorporates large or small changes at a pace set by you.

My passion for nutrition was sparked when my children were suffering from severe, chronic eczema from birth. Nothing but steroids seemed to improve the condition, but we were reluctant to rely on this potent medicines for the long term.  Our family got help from our (then) local nutritionist, Cheri Watson (Wyldheron Alternative Health). After reviewing laboratory results from EnteroLab we decided to remove gluten, dairy, and soy from the family diet and see what happened. Within a few weeks, the boys’ eczema was healing and nearly gone! My rosacea and joint pain also disappeared and immune markers of my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis improved. My husband saw improvements with his asthma and stubborn digestive symptoms. Since then, we’ve had genetic tests that confirm that our family is of higher risk of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. After this inspiring experience, I have been a food ambassador sharing ways to create health and resolve chronic symptoms using food with everyone who listens. What does your personal vision of health look like? Let’s work together to get you there.

That’s my story of how my passion for food led to becoming the FoodPhD. I now live in Fort Collins, Colorado with my two teenage sons, my husband and our dog where we enjoy biking, gardening and camping in the great outdoors together.

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