Food as medicine

Whole plant foods provide essential nutrients and potent healing functions that combat cancer, stress, and inflammation. However, individuals respond to all foods differently and finding the foods that provide the best “medicine” for your unique genetic makeup and body is Amy’s priority. By creating a plan that allows you to adopt a healthier lifestyle one small step at a time, you can live a longer and carry good health with you into your golden years.


Amy’s goal for you is beyond just being disease-free and focused on boosting your energy and vitality so you feel your personal best. You will learn how to listen to your body’s signals to discover what nutrition and lifestyle approaches work best for you. Wherever possible, emphasis is on prevention through nutrition, exercise and stress-management techniques. Botanical medicines, supplements, and detox programs may also be recommended as an extension of her food-centric philosophy.


Some focus areas that show improvement with food-based nutritional interventions include:


Women’s health

From active athletes to pregnant mothers and midlife menopause, women’s nutritional needs change with stage of life. Understanding how to best support your body’s nutritional needs during these transitions can improve your performance, mood, and life quality.


Gut health

If your gut isn’t happy, you’re not happy. Learning how to eat in a way that feeds you and also the billions of beneficial bacteria that digest your food, defend against disease, and boost your mood is one of the most important habits you can create for health. Scientific discovery in gut ecology is moving quickly and Amy stays on top of the latest research so the best information is put to work for you. Amy’s doctoral dissertation investigated improving diet for gut health, making her more expert than most in the best way to create a happy gut.



Your genetic legacy grants you both advantages and disadvantages in creating optimal health for yourself. You have probably already identified many of these gifts or challenges intuitively over the course of your lifetime. Others may still remain a mystery. Knowledge is power, and genetic tests can provide the “why” in situations where progress on one or more of your health goals has seemed “stuck” for years or decades. Amy understands how to dig out the gems from these genetic tests and simplify the information into troubleshooting tips and specific recommendations for your personalized nutrition plan. For example, could too much saturated fat be sabotaging your weight loss program? Or could you be in the group of people that is likely to gain weight without a regular sleep/wake schedule? Knowing these details can empower huge progress with small changes for many people.


Food allergy & sensitivity

Amy’s family of four has struggled with multiple food sensitivities for over 10 years and she has learned the tricks of the trade. She can guide you through the elimination diets, various allergy tests, tasty recipes, and reintroducing foods over time (where appropriate). She can also help with tips for traveling, school-age kids, and symptom management.


Auto-immune disease

Amy has first-hand experience managing several auto-immune conditions with diet including those with thyroid, skin, and gut centered symptoms. Many auto-immune disorders will improve or go into remission by removing trigger-foods and making other alterations to your diet. Amy has the determination and patience it takes to guide you through the process of finding the diet that keeps your auto-immune condition in remission.


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