Be the best version of YOU

Food PhD’s mission is to help you find your unique best way of eating. Amy’s specialization is combining the best in modern science with her client’s unique life goals and preferences to create a personalized plan for optimum health and nutrition.

What would it take to be the best version of YOU? Better focus? More energy? Quality sleep? Regular bowel movements? Positive life outlook? Balanced hormones? Clear skin? The first step is getting Amy on your team. She listens carefully to your health goals, draws the nutritional map to get you from where you are today to where you want to be and supports your journey to optimal wellness the entire way.

If you are already suffering from a chronic health condition, Amy will help you do the detective work to find out the cause of your illness or discomfort. She has personally witnessed the difference that quality nutrition customized to what your body needs can make in healing inflammation or an overactive immune system. And let’s not forget all those billions of bacteria that keep your gut healthy. Amy knows which foods will keep them fed and balanced, too, so they can do the job of keeping your gut healthy.

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